Karl and Corinne

Karl and Corinne from the Central Coast NSW wanted a wedding ceremony that reflected their love story and values. They had been together for five years and chose Bawley Point on the South Coast of NSW as their wedding location.

Selecting me as their celebrant

Karl and Corinne had attended a wedding where I was the celebrant, and they loved my warm demeanor and ability to engage with guests. They decided to choose me as their celebrant for their wedding ceremony.

Involving family and friends

Karl and Corinne kept their wedding ceremony traditional, with Corinne’s father walking her down the aisle and their close friends serving as bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Challenges along the way

As their wedding location was five hours away from their home, communication was key to ensuring everything ran smoothly on the day. We stayed in close contact throughout the planning process to make sure we were all on the same page.

Adding their personal touch

Karl and Corinne wanted their wedding ceremony to be personal and a reflection of their love story and values. I provided them with a spreadsheet to brainstorm and include elements that would reflect their story.

Favourite Moments

The couple’s favorite moments of the wedding ceremony were when they created and read their own vows, and when I retold the story of how they first met. It was a beautiful and intimate moment that had everyone laughing.


Karl and Corinne received several comments from guests about how seamless and beautiful the ceremony was. There were no technical difficulties, and the balance of romance, love, and light-heartedness was perfect.

My Role as Their Celebrant

As their celebrant, I provided guidance and support throughout the planning process. We had several meetings to get to know each other and go through their expectations for the day. The spreadsheet I provided helped them reflect on their relationship and what elements they wanted to include on the day.

Advice to Future Couples

I recommend that future couples be clear and open about what they want and expect on the day of their ceremony. As a celebrant, I believe it’s important to be flexible, outgoing, and easy to work with. This way, I can help personalise the ceremony and make it a reflection of the couple’s love story and values.

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