Celebrant for Elopements and Micro Weddings

Welcome to the world of intimate celebrations! As a dedicated wedding celebrant, I’m passionate about curating extraordinary elopements and micro weddings that capture the essence of your love, creating an unforgettable experience for you and your cherished guests.

Embrace the beauty of an intimate ceremony

An intimate wedding is a heartfelt celebration where couples choose to share their special day with a select group of close family and friends. These weddings prioritise quality over quantity, creating a warm and personal atmosphere. The benefits of intimate weddings include the ability to focus on meaningful connections and the freedom to choose unique and breathtaking venues that may not accommodate larger gatherings. Ultimately, intimate weddings allow couples to create cherished memories in a more close-knit and deeply meaningful setting.


Micro weddings are bigger than ever

Micro weddings are more popular than ever for several reasons. Firstly, they allow couples to prioritize their love and connection by creating a more intimate and personal atmosphere. With a smaller guest count, couples can spend quality time with their nearest and dearest, fostering deeper connections and creating cherished memories.

Additionally, micro weddings offer greater flexibility and freedom in terms of venue choices. Couples can opt for unique and non-traditional locations that may not accommodate larger gatherings. This opens up a world of possibilities, from breathtaking outdoor settings to meaningful destinations that hold sentimental value.

COVID-19 also influenced the rise of micro-weddings. With restrictions on large gatherings, couples were opting for smaller, more intimate ceremonies that comply with regulations while still allowing them to celebrate their special day with loved ones.

It’s always been about intimate gatherings

Traditionally, an elopement wedding refers to a secretive and spontaneous act where a couple runs away together to get married without the knowledge or consent of their families. It often involves a simple ceremony with only the couple and a witness. However, in modern times, the meaning of elopement has evolved. Now, an elopement wedding typically refers to an intentionally small and intimate wedding ceremony, often held in a unique location or destination, with a limited number of guests. 

On the other hand, a micro wedding is a small-scale wedding that retains some elements of a traditional wedding, including formal attire, a planned ceremony, and a small guest count. While both elopement and micro weddings share the aspect of intimacy and a smaller guest list, the key difference lies in the level of formality and planning involved.

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My husband and I said our ‘I dos’ in April 2019, which was all seamlessly put together by this wonderful lady. Our ceremony was everything we imagined. Kerrie’s relaxed and warm demeanour enabled us to feel so comfortable leading up to our day. She bent over backwards to ensure every part of our ceremony was exactly how we wanted and gave us plenty of guidance when we merely had no clue. As the ceremony began we instantly felt relaxed standing next to kerrie. We loved that our ceremony encapsulated everything about us, our story and even had a little room for some great humour. We highly recommend this wonderful woman and what she does. Someone so bubbly, warm and approachable yet very professional all in one. Thanks so much again Kerrie.
Tom & Rachael
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Kerrie was the perfect celebrant for us. She made the pre wedding organisation feel easy, made my husband and I feel comfortable and was available to answer any questions we had at any time. We had a small intimate wedding of 30 people and Kerrie fit in seamlessly, feeling like one of the family. She had a warming and calming effect on the day that kept us relaxed, and brought a sense of humour that suited us perfectly. We would recommend Kerrie to anyone planning their big day
Jessica & Dan
Thankyou so much Kerrie you made our day even more special with your bright bubbly personality and wicked sense of humour. You helped us get through the day by minimising our nerves with just more laughing and smiling instead. Our ceremony went off with out a hitch. Kerrie really listened to what both my husband and I wanted and delivered a ceremony that was exactly that - but better!!!With you being there it felt like you were more like family to us than our celebrant and we are forever grateful for you creating us such wonderful memories Thankyou again.
Danielle and Shaun
Kerrie was the perfect celebrant for our big day. We wanted our ceremony to be relaxed and fun and Kerrie delivered exactly that!We are so grateful for all her help and guidance on not only on the day but also leading up to and after the event.Kerrie is a true professional and we wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to officiate our wedding!
Charlotte & Matt


What is an elopement ceremony?

An elopement ceremony is an intimate wedding ceremony typically involving only the couple and a small number of witnesses. It is a personal and private way to exchange vows without a large guest list or traditional wedding elements.

What is a micro wedding?

 A micro wedding is a small-scale wedding celebration that typically includes fewer than 20 guests. It offers an intimate and meaningful experience while allowing couples to focus on their closest loved ones.

What are the legal requirements for eloping or having a micro wedding?

The legal requirements for eloping or having a micro wedding vary depending on your location. I will guide you through the necessary documentation and ensure that your marriage is legally recognised.

Can we choose our own location for the ceremony?

Absolutely! Whether you have a specific location in mind or need suggestions, I can help you find a suitable venue or outdoor setting that aligns with your vision for the ceremony.

Do you offer any additional services or assistance beyond officiating the ceremony?

Yes! In addition to officiating the ceremony, I can provide guidance on post-ceremony administrative tasks, recommend other wedding vendors, and offer emotional support throughout the process.

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